Socks Packaging
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Socks Packaging

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Socks Packaging
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Socks Packaging


Typically, the socks are knitted with cotton or the synthetic thread and need special care to protect them from the dust, dirt, chemical & industrial fumes, moisture and the other environmental pollutants. This is why; special type of the socks packaging boxes are required for the packing and sale of the socks. So, during the designing of the socks boxes, the particular emphasis is laid upon the protection as well as the display of the socks. As the socks are a product which is sold over the counter, the custom socks packaging boxes are designed with the see through the window which may either be left open or may be made with the clear and transparent UV Vinyl plastic sheath. The window helps the buyers to choose and like the color & quality of the socks before making the final decision for the purchase. The custom socks box packaging is typically made with the disposable cardboard which is thin, hard but still light weight. There are two type of the custom socks boxes, used for the sale of the socks to the end users. The first type of the boxes are used when more than one pair of the socks are packed and displayed for the sale. Client may choose one pair of the socks and that pair is sold. But, in higher quality socks, the one pair of socks is packed and offered for sale. Both type of the socks packaging boxes Online are made with see through window and are made with the flip type lid which opens at the top. Then, both types of the boxes are printed with the most beautiful color combinations. For the female and male target market, the separate color combinations are applied to print the appropriate images and the text upon the boxes. Human images may be printed with the real life colors while the text and other decorating graphics may be printed with bright and sparkling color combinations.

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If you are looking for the printing of custom boxes for your business or personal use and want some unique shapes and custom made boxes then, the boxes printed by us are made right for you.

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